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About Nintendo Logo Resource

This resource was established to contribute to Nintendo's graphic design community. Being a graphic design student and having a huge interest in everything nintendo I found it a nightmare to find logos to produce artwork with. Hopefully this resource will be key to any designer setting up a Nintendo fansite or creating personal fan art work.

Although I have strived to create a full database of all the logos Nintendo have used over the years, it is still not in any way finished. Hopefully with contributions from fellow designers, we can make this complete. If you are interested in contributing to the database please check out the Help NLR page.

All Nintendo logos on this website, including artwork, digital downloads and other files, is the property of Nintendo of America Inc., and Nintendo Co. Ltd., of Japan and is protected by United States and international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. What I have developed here is a database of logos for personal and non-commercial use.

*Update August 30th 2006
Just added a guestbook, So please let me know where your from ! Thanks, eoinstan.

*Update October 22nd 2006
Added the Famicom Disk System pdf logo, the Disk System Font and also the first ever issue of Nintendo Power Magazine! Thanks to Garon Rossigno for the font and be sure to visit his site . Enjoy! - eoinstan.