I offer specialised consultancy services through video calls on a per-hour basis, tailored to your unique needs. Have a logo or a design you need legally trademarked in Australia? My expertise in guiding clients through the Australian trade mark process and advising on the right website services ensures that your brand is both legally protected and optimally presented. Whether you’re refining your branding or building a digital presence, I provide solutions that align with your business goals.

What to Expect in a Consultation:

  • A focused session where I understand your specific needs.
  • Personalised advice on branding, design, and digital strategy.
  • Practical steps to connect you with the right resources and professionals.

Why Choose Me?

  • Save time and resources with expert guidance (over 15 years of industry experience).
  • Gain access to a network of industry contacts.
  • Receive customised solutions for your unique design or digital challenges.

Ready to transform your brand? Let’s collaborate to create a strategic roadmap for your brand’s success. If the whole idea of branding and design is overwhelming, let me walk you through the process step by step. Contact me to schedule a consultation.