The annual Famicase Exhibition is a unique and fascinating event that celebrates the creativity and nostalgia of video game culture. Organized by the Japanese game store, Meteor, the Tokyo and Los Angeles based exhibition showcases an array of fictional video game cartridges designed by artists from around the world. These imaginary games are represented through intricate and visually captivating cartridge artwork, complete with mock-ups of game covers and descriptions. The exhibition provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents and pays tribute to the iconic Nintendo Famicom console, also known as the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Each year they also produce a book and poster featuring all the artists from the exhibition.

My Submission ‘CATACLAWSM

Humanity has been eradicated, you are the last known survivor on earth. You own a colony of cat robots, designed to help you grow food and maintain your farm. But soon, the cat robots begin to rebel, turning on you and threatening your very existence…

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