Mixit Funding Brochure

Brochure Design, New Zealand

As a senior graphic designer at Goodfolk in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to work on a brochure design project for Mixit, a refugee arts project for young people. The project required me to create a visually compelling and informative brochure that effectively communicates the initiative and its objectives to potential funding partners and donors.

The design of the brochure is clean, elegant, and easy to read, making the information accessible to the readers. The use of typography, imagery, and color palette effectively communicates the initiative’s brand and messaging, while also making the brochure visually appealing. The brochure also features a flap at the back, which allows for the inclusion of additional ‘target-specific’ information such as a CD or other materials related to funding.

The final product is a high-quality and informative brochure that effectively communicates the Mixit’s initiative, objectives and its need for funding. The brochure showcases my skills in brochure design and my ability to create designs that align with an organization’s values and mission.