Wishing Tree

Art For Amnesty, Worldwide

As a graphic designer at Zero-G, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Amnesty International. The project required me to create four books that showcase the work of the ‘Olive Tree’ project undertaken by Yoko Ono. The project involved planting olive trees in 12 locations around the world as a symbol of peace and promoting the idea of people writing down their wishes and attaching them to the trees.

To achieve this goal, I carefully crafted a design that effectively communicates the message and spirit of the project. The design is minimalistic, elegant, and evocative, and reflects the concept of the project. The books are handmade, French folded, and bound with pins, which adds a unique and personal touch. The books were sent to different parts of the globe, and serves as a powerful visual representation of the project and its message of peace.

The final product is a visually striking and informative book that effectively communicates the message and spirit of the ‘Olive Tree’ project, while also showcasing my skills in book design and my ability to create designs that align with an organization’s values and mission.